Investment Management

Full-scale identification & management of lucrative investment opportunities.

Years of experience and connections combined with thorough, top-down research enables Sebastian Partners to identify and access the most lucrative opportunities within the markets we invest. Our integrated investment management approach is strategic, streamlined and poised to provide the highest possible returns to our valued investors.

Why Invest with Us?

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Extremely responsive to new opportunities, Sebastian Partners understands how to take advantage of federal tax reforms, including the recently passed Tax Reform Act, to enable investors to take advantage of recently-designated Qualified Opportunity Zones.

Market Experts

Having invested in multiple high-return projects across Colorado, California, Nevada, Hawaii and abroad over the past 35 years, Sebastian Partners has a deep understanding of these markets including the challenges, economies, and local culture that may impact any given investment.

Stellar Track Record

Averaging 30% - 50% IRR for investors, Sebastian Partners has proven time and again its' uncanny ability to identify, manage and execute on sound investment opportunities.

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