Integrated Real Estate

Delivering lasting value to investors and communities for over 35 years.

Sebastian Partners' integrated real estate services include development, property management and engineering, project management and marketing. Sebastian Partners has a long history of facilitating real estate investment deals in highly lucrative markets. This experience has led to a deep understanding of these markets, and the development of long-standing relationships with key strategic players.

Why Work with Us?

High-Quality Investments

Our real estate investments are thoroughly researched and vetted prior to securing additional capital. We look for opportunities that will deliver long-term value to both our investors and the community alike, specifically focusing on markets that are poised for imminent growth.

Smart Mangement

Our highly organized team has decades of combined experience in finance, construction, and real estate. Sound processes that have been 35+ years in the making ensure smooth development and construction, and generally on-time and on-budget projects.

Key Strategic Partners

We understand the value of partnering with local experts for new developments. We've spent years creating and maintaining relationships within the markets in which we invest to ensure only the best legal, construction, marketing, and financial partners are on board for our real estate development projects.

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